Thanks to my nephew Andrew and his buddy Robb (aka The Royds) I was recently reacquainted with some other old friends I haven't seen in a while - my art supplies!! Andrew and Robb asked me to do the cover art for their debut album The Royds - Royd Rage, and instinctually my first response was to ask them (almost apologetically) "really? You know my style, right?" and Andrew answered flatly "yeah, that's what we want!" - so I was thrilled when after sending the fellas the art Andrew called it "brilliant" - putting all my silly apprehensions about whether or not I've gotten too rusty to bed. It's every artists curse when at one point you were drawing every day, and then a little thing called life seems to take you down another path and you forget about your illustration bristol boards and brush pens. But I suppose I have no excuse now - the seal has been broken and there are no returns! Wish me luck folks, and a little inspiration...

The Royds - Royd Rage

From top to bottom, the finished cover art , the front and back CD sleeve, the compact disc imprint and an early pencil sketch .

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