If you're allergic to dust I suggest you crack open a window, because some of these go waaaaay back! That's how it's going to be, at least, until I get around to uploading some new comics - - although don't hold your breath - - I'm a very busy guy! heh...

What you see here is a collection of some comic book work that I've done either on my own or in collaboration with someone - usually my school buddy, Lloyd! One comic, in fact, goes as far back as 1976! Back then we started a little "company" we called Wow Incorporated, and we sold our comics for 50 cents an issue! Looking back at the art today I cringe a little - but hey, funny is funny no matter how "cheap" the drawings - and as you get closer and closer to present day, you might notice the art gets more and more involved! Still, I love the early stuff - it reminds me of a simpler time when we abbreviated the word "doofus" to "doof" and created a whole new type of character that no one's quite seen the likes of before or since! No really, it was quite the craze in High School, believe me! Even the Raven had his fans!

It seems my entire youth was spent drawing doofs, superheroes and monsters! Hey, that could be the title of my autobiography! I'll admit though, I was never good at drawing anatomically correct super heroes - too much to remember - or perhaps it's because of the time I was emotionally scarred by Burne Hogarth - I'm not sure... but our superheroes tended to be a bit more like Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Superheroes - cartoon-like and somewhat (dare I say it) cuddly? So with doofs, superheroes and monsters to choose from you're sure to find something here to your liking... just click below and enjoy yourselves!

The Kill Organization Strikes!

Our heroes Spooky and Supersnooper make their official debut in this first issue of Wow Incorporated Magazine, circa 1976 - in which they face daily nuisances fighting an organization comprised entirely out of morons.

Doof Nightmare!

See how the other half lives as this story follows one doof through a typical day. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out things don't go well!

Day At The Zoo

The most bizarre story in the issue - I'm kind of surprised how this one didn't immediately prompt some sort of emergency therapy intervention!


When Strikes The Raven

Our heroes face their toughest battle and are forced to team up with an unearthly affiliate, when confronted by the Raven - another being from a distant galaxy with powers far beyond their comprehension.

Although undated, I think this one was done in the late 80s! You'll see how it ends abruptly there towards the end - and just when things were really heating up! But stick with it for a lil' surprise explanation of sorts!


The Raven

Kind of a generic introduction to the Raven done years before he was to become a member of our little gang of superheroes. This was really nothing more than an assignment to do a color, 5 page comic for Mr. Strauss' cartooning class.

Oh, and as a side note - the Raven was also the subject of a super 8 sound film we never got to finish! Yes, really!


Action (packed) Comix

Just like the title says, you want action - you've GOT it! Spooky and Supersnooper show you how it's done - in near 3-D eye popping graphics! (No 3-D glasses required).

Buzz Saw! The Horror Of Tiddlyville Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Jimmy In My Tummy
As featured in Jzero's Sketchbook this twisted trilogy of horror is sure to have you grabbing at your sides, gasping for air! These were originally presented within the last issue of a self-published magazine I did for a while called Multi Media. From left to right: Buzz Saw, a hilarious collaboration between my buddy Lloyd and myself - a story of the indestructable bonds between a lumberjack dad and his son, Buzz... The Horror of Tiddlyville, a henpecked husband of an abusive wife goes on a rampage... and lastly, Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Jimmy In My Tummy, a look at a strange young man and his newfound culinary tastes for human flesh! Click on the pics above to bring you to the stories!
What would a Comix page be without a Comix Crossword puzzle, eh? Now that you've seen some of my comics I'd say you're ready to tackle the crossword puzzle below! We don't want anyone drawing on their screens so print out the pdf version of this puzzle and give it your best shot!

1. The Superhero that managed to get the Raven's belt. Super _____.
5. The "out" door.
7. Something Spooky might say to a doof. "I'm gonna _____ your skull!"
9. A famous horse.
10. An unusual torture device used by Mrs. Fussbutt.
12. Something a doof has plenty of.
14. The name of the doof association that plots against the superhero team.
16. Something a doof becomes when confronted by one of the superheros. An _____ doof.
17. When Strikes The _____.
18. What doofs are listed as when they enter the hospital after they've been in battle with the superheroes.
19. Who did the Raven murder?
21. What a doof has in excess and no control of. (Daffy Duck has the same problem.)
22. Mr. Fussbutt's first name.
26. Where the superheroes usually reside.
29. Los Angeles. Abbrev.
30. What a Spanish person might say.
31. All _____ and no play.
34. Another one of the superheroes. Super _____.
35. Probably the biggest doof hater of all the superheroes.
36. Mode of transporation the Kittles used during their Magical Mystery Tour.


1. Beatles tune. Let It _____.
2. What Mr. Fussbutt killed his wife with.
3. The town where Mr. and Mrs. Fussbutt resided. The Horror Of _____.
4. What The Kittles were called. The Fur _____ Four.
6. One of the Kittles.
7. What Mr. Fussbutt became after his humiliating beating in town by his wife.
8. Action Packed _____.
10. The only possible thing a doof would be able to do after being beat up by one of the superheroes (assuming he was still alive, of course).
11. What a doof might eat mistaking it for Chocolate Mousse pie. Cow _____.
13. What Merlin tried on the Raven to get him to remove his energy belt.
15. Something the Kittles drink plenty of (being they're English, you know).
19. What Julie Andrews might sing. "_____, a long long way to run."
20. _____ Gem.
23. What of Mr. Fussbutt's became mince meat.
24. A funny comment or joke.
25. What a doof looks like after a good smack in the mouth from one of the superheroes. A _____.
26. What Spooky would exclaim if a doof he encountered begged for his life.
27. Buck tooth buffoon, Spaz, etc.
28. What it sometimes says on a headstone.
29. Frankenstien was created in a _____.
31. _____ Inc Magazine.
32. "Everything's gonna be _____."
33. _____ bread.
34. Super Soul. Abbrev.