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boredom, special requests, the self-afflicted guilt that I should be drawing more often, or simply a sort of mental purging - these are some of my drawings, sketches, random thoughts, and other bits and pieces to waste your time with...

Hello and welcome to my website! A somewhat haphazard accumulation of some of my cartooning work. I will admit, a lot of it is old... older than I'd like to admit! But then again, I'M a lot a older than I'd like to admit - so there you have it... No, but seriously, I have been trying to get things in order around here - so to speak - scanning and uploading a lot of comics from the ole' archives... in part, because my son Craig requested it! These are his old man's comics that he remembers reading as a kid - and perhaps in some way, being quite the artist himself nowadays, even being influenced by? (God forbid!)

So if you haven't been here in a while, may I divert your attention to that new tab over to your right, which reads Jzero's Comix! That's where you'll find some long lost works of madness like "Wow Incorporated Magazine" - the very first comic I did with my buddy Lloyd, and sold them in school yards and classrooms for 50 cents an issue back in 1976! How's THAT for scraping the bottom of the barrel, I mean - how's THAT for a nice little trip down memory lane, eh?

Then there's others, "Action Packed Comix" (perhaps one of the most recent), "When Strikes The Raven" (an unfinished favorite of mine) and other comics that I've never put online before - - until now... I DO hope you enjoy them in the same sense of fun in which they were first put to paper!

Then there's one of my most recent endevours, an art request from my nephew Andrew which turned out to be the album cover for his band The Royds! Click on that bottle cap to your left for more on that!

As for the rest of the site, you know how it goes - just start clicking about - there is no real order to the place - just plenty of nooks and crannies to discover, entertaining antidotes to unravel, and occasionally - a little of this. Don't be alarmed, it's all in good fun! You'll also find Moldies But Goodies, tiny scribbles and bits from my old spiral notebooks, loose-leaf binders, composition books - and anywhere else I was drawing when I should've been doing my school work! Oh, and there's also a little tribute to my old cartooning teacher from The High School of Art & Design Mr Strauss! A few people have spotted that one during their Google searches - and even wrote in to add their own rememberances! See something you like? Feel free to write!

Enjoy the website...

"Cartooning - The red-headed step-child of
the art community."


The frightening (albeit silly) thought occurred to me the other day, of what it would be like if Betty Boop were real - existing not only in the cartoon realm, but ours. Of course she would retain her body proportions, and as everyone knows her head and eyes are just humongous, in comparison to the rest of her body. Like the Elephant Man, the weight of her own head would probably threaten to crush her neck, and she'd have no choice but to travel around with a pulley device that would hold her head up. Ironic too, because instead of being a cute flapper from the 30s - loved by millions - she would be this hideous, scorned freak, that scares the shit out of everyone. .......Sad, eh?

Crumb Kick
Having just seen the Terry Zwigoff documentary "Crumb" I was on a bit of a Crumb kick when I got a request to draw a bunny-girl mascot for someone's sorority - but as it turned out, the requestor had envisioned something a bit more of how she saw herself, and less Crumb-like than my first drawing. (Oh well, I should've known - this girl wouldn't know Robert Crumb from crumb cake...)

Click here to see both versions together. The cryptic up pointed pinky and the acronym AKA means something only to them.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-nah, Fatmaaaan!
I'm not really sure what this one is all about... other than the fact that I never was able to draw those Marvel and DC Comic type of superheroes - not being very well assimilated to the proper placement of muscular mass et all - but I can draw a hideously obese fat kid with an enormously engorged gut with my eyes closed! My cartoonist buddy Mark decided to take my drawing further and add Fatman's Joker-like nemesis. As a final touch, I snapped a quick digital picture of the view outside the office window - blurred it, and used it as the background. Hardly seemed worth all that effort! heh heh... Click that abdominal potrusion to the left to see the color final.
Dragon on
A slow day in the art department resulted in this cartoony little scribble. If memory serves me well, I believe this might've been one of my very first Photoshop colorings - back when Photoshop was in it's infancy!

Click the pencil details for the colorized result.

The artist alone with his thoughts.

Doofs on Parade
I used to draw a lot of these balloon-nosed characters as a kid. I called them "doofs" - and they were quite popular (?) in my High School years. In fact, for better or worse, I kinda became associated with them! Well, nuthin' says funny like a doof drawing so here are a few I've culminated throughout the years. The photographic background for the first one was the view I had when I sat at my desk. What's frightening is that I actually did get visitors like that sometimes!
Schtick Happens
Ah, the hey-day of traditional cartoon animation - the 30s and 40s! What better tip of the hat to those most influential of cartoon styles than to try it myself. Okay, so mines a little seedier. But after all, those were the depression years, weren't they? So maybe the fact that this poor bastard actually has a great outlook on life in the midst of all that, uh... crap - is a GOOD thing, right? Why, this is a downright INSPIRATIONAL piece! Heh heh!

Diner Doodles
What better way to compliment a meal at a cheezy diner than to add a nice side order of silly cartoons in my son's drawing book? He'd sometimes bring his book out when we'd hang out together - and like father, like son - we'd draw pictures to amuse ourselves and each other. Here's a few that I did for his book. Click on the pics below to get a better look.

Right: Someone at the next table after eating a bad clam.

Just Politics
I've always admired political cartoonists and their apparent immunities to libelous ramifications. They seem to be given carte blanche to go after anyone and everyone who goofs up publicly, don't they? Seems like a real fun job to have...

I never considered myself a political person - but after 9/11 what cartoonist could possibly avoid at least one wishful jab at America's Most Wanted, Osama Bin Hidin'?

First one here was done just after the attacks, when he first managed to slip away. The second drawing was done four years later - prompted by a discussion I had with a friend and our mutual amazement that he could still elude capture in spite of his reported handicaps.

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